Let me show you how I hunt my bounties, I think you’ll find it...educational
— Dogface-Aught 14 the Robot Wars
Just a few Bad Ass Rust Devil Bounty hunters

Just a few Bad Ass Rust Devil Bounty hunters

Tips and Tactics

Q: How do I avoid my Hunter?

A: You’re looking at this wrong. Your goal is to give Hunters a merry chase, and just barely lose to them. How fun would it be for you as a Hunter if your Target hid in an RV all weekend?

Q: How do I find my Target?

A: Ask around, use Bribe tokens with Rust Devils for hints, volunteer in the Bounty Office to get intel!

Q: I want to be a superstar! How do I become Most Wanted?

A: Give the Rust Devils a really good bribe and have a cool alternate challenge planned in advance. You need a cool custom prize. Pre-registering helps!

Q: How do I hunt Most Wanted Targets?

A: You need to become Blooded by capturing a regular Target this year first!

Q: Ghoulcrest Ties? Red Right Hand? Super secret perks?

A: Bounty Hunting is a rabbit hole that leads to all sorts of hidden, cool stuff. Show a Bribe token to various Rust Devils to learn more.

Q: Why not cheat?

A: While there are no innocents in the wastes, but cheating slows down Bounty Hunting for everyone because the Rust Devils need to track Fingers and Tokens individually. Don’t do that, because you don’t want to cross the Rust Devils, and you really don’t want to anger the 400 other bounty hunters you’re going to impact next year. If you have a fun idea for themed scoundrel stuff, just talk to a Rust Devil about it and we’ll let you know if there’s leeway for it. Bring bribes.

Q: How do I help? Return fingers to the Bounty Office!

A: Volunteer for a shift at the Bounty Office to meet cool people and to look cool! Write up your Bounty stories for the WCC newspaper! Bring treats and beers for Rust Devils volunteers! Pre-register!