So what’s all this bounty hunting nonsense? Well, for the Rust Devils, it started in 2012 when our tribe formed as simply a group of friends who found out about Wasteland Weekend and were extremely psyched to be a part of it. Not having a ton of forum presence and having never been to the event, however, we simply didn’t know anybody! So, when we were brainstorming our tribe’s background story, we came up with the concept of being a crew of wasteland bounty hunters. Why? Well, because let’s face it, from The Man With No Name to Boba Fett, bounty hunters are all pretty freakin’ cool.

With that in mind, we combed the past year’s event photos for very recognizable costumes and characters, making Wanted Posters for them, as well as making some for iconic wasteland characters that we figured people would dress as, such as Toe Cutter or Lord Humungus. When we arrived at Wasteland Weekend, we spotted our first catch of the day: Toe Cutter. He was hanging out at Titty City across the road from our camp. So, wanted poster in-hand, we approached him and let him know he was a wanted man and we were there to bring him in! It was an amazing ice breaker, and we ended up having a great time hanging out with our new neighbors.

It was after our first bounty that we realized what an awesome and fun activity we’d stumbled upon, and after spending the rest of the weekend tracking down other targets and making a ton of new friends, we decided that next year we would definitely expand the concept. So here we are but what did it turn into?




Rust Devils Bounty Hunting mixes Hide & Seek with Spin The Bottle, but the kissing is replaced by murder and profits! If you’re new to Wasteland Weekend or looking for something to do, this is a great way to get involved.

Become both a Bounty Hunter and a Wanted Target at the same time!

Hunt down your own Target while avoiding the Hunter after you, but remember that just like Spin The Bottle, half the fun is meeting people and “getting got”!

Get Casino Bottle Caps, a custom Wanted Poster, get cool perks and prizes, unearth secret missions, access to special camps and activities, make new friends, kill them for profit!

DSC_0761 (2).JPG

The Front of  the Bounty Hunting office. Nice huh?

Sign up here on the Rust Devils website . In-person signups will be available, but to make things easier on us logistically, please try to do so ahead of time. Additionally, only pre-registered hunters can be Most Wanted! (See below for more info.)

Once you arrive at Wasteland Weekend and get settled, head to our camp and check in at the Bounty Desk. Even Pre-Registrations and Most Wanted Targets MUST check in. You are now officially on the hunt! At the Bounty Desk you can see who is available to be hunted and grab their posters to go stalk your quarry. Just be careful, now that you’re in the game, your poster is up on the board as well!

Half the fun is finding your target! Go out into the wasteland and use whatever means you can to locate them! Ask around, find out who they are, what tribe they’re in, and where they’re likely to be hanging out. Hell if you have issues finding your target, The Rust Devils are not above a bribe.

Once you’ve located your target, approach them with their wanted poster in-hand, and announce that you’re there to bring them in. Feel free to be as theatrical or nondescript as you’d like. People at WW are friendly, so have fun! In order to decide if you’ve defeated them or not, you will engage in the time-honored and ancient rite of supremacy: Rock, Paper, Scissors. Just remember these two rules!

  1. The Rust Devils Camp, Medical Tent, and Last Chance Casino are safe for Targets, so you’ll have to catch your Target elsewhere to Call Them Out.
  2. Targets can’t be Called Out while doing official Wasteland staff or volunteer duty.

Keep in mind that some high profile bounties, called Most Wanted, will have custom tasks necessary to complete in order to be brought to justice!

Alternate Challenges:

If you and the target can come to an agreement, feel free to engage in some other contest to determine the winner, just keep it safe. The most commonly accepted alternate challenges are listed below: 

*The Rust Devils do not endorse the removal of real fingers. That’s just gross.

*The Rust Devils do not endorse the removal of real fingers. That’s just gross.

If you are victorious in battle, the target will give you a plastic trigger finger marked to identify him, and you will give him the wanted poster to keep as a momento of his failure to elude wasteland justice! If you are defeated, you must hang your head in shame and return to the Bounty Desk to return the poster and get another one, hopefully with better results this time! Either way, return to the Bounty Desk to collect your caps or return the wanted poster.

Note: Please do not cut off anyone’s real fingers, that would be really uncool.

Other Rules:

*Specific rules are subject to change depending on the number of participants.

  • The complicated Tier system is gone. You are either a regular Wastelander, or you are Most Wanted. If you successfully hunt one wastelander, come back and turn in the reward, you can then go after a Most Wanted target!
  • Each hunter can only try each target once
  • Each hunter can try to bring in as many targets as they want over the course of the weekend.
  • Each Hunter is limited to hunting one target at a time.
  • Volunteers like Elite Guard, bands, etc. are off limits for hunting while performing their WW duties.
  • To begin hunting a target, hunters view the bounty board and then inform the desk who they’d like to hunt. If it’s available, the desk will supply the poster.
  • Some high profile targets can only be hunted by seasoned veterans, and you will have to bring in a few bounties before being able to attempt their capture.
  • Higher Profile targets provide more caps reward, are more difficult to defeat, but may be pursued by more hunters at once. Details will be provided on each Wanted Poster.
  • Seriously, do NOT chop off anyone’s fingers.
  • Have fun!

Most Wanted: 

targets are the most sought after bounties in the wastes. These are targets who take it upon themselves to create a story and prepare custom encounters, puzzles, tricks, and traps to throw people off their scent, but while the difficulty is high, so are the rewards! Most Wanted targets have custom rewards on top of the cap bounty!

Are you interested in being a Most Wanted bounty? It takes some work – it is basically for people who want to take the time to set up challenges for their hunters in order to make sure everyone has a good time and has some memorable adventures!

Please use the following guidelines for Most Wanted bounties:

  • Anyone can sign up to be Most Wanted as long as they’re willing to put in the time and work. Just use the pulldown menu during sign-up. This is first come, first served. If the Most Wanted option is missing, this means we’ve hit our limit and there aren’t any more spots available, but we are doing our best to make sure everyone who wants to do one is accomodated.
  • There should be a chain of events required to capture the bounty made up of different challenges – these can be any reasonable activity (please use good judgement here, no fighting, dangerous activity, etc. The average WW visitor should be able to do this), ranging from simply finding a specific informant and using a code word to be directed to the next event, to things as complex as the time a hunter was sent by a treasure map into the desert to dig up a chest of clues.
  • Your event chain should be at least 2 events long, at most five.
  • Please be mindful of the difficulty of your challenges – make sure they’re reasonably challenging, but not impossible. While it may be fun to brag about never being captured, the most rewarding part of this will be seeing people enjoy the hard work you’ve put into this!
  • Each Most Wanted bounty is required to provide a custom reward for the hunter who captures them. This is typically a cool piece of wasteland gear, often relating to the story of your event chain – such as a custom/trademark weapon, tool, or costume piece.
  • For more clarification, please watch the Rust Devils 2015 video example for a Most Wanted bounty (these were called Tier 4 in 2015) embedded above for info.